The Big Boss Fever..

In recent times, one of the most talked about shows in Tamil is 'Big Boss'. Based on a relatively simple plot, the reality show has been turning heads across the state. I'll agree. The show is a great entertainment and honestly, I have learnt quite a bit about how to behave in a public place,... Continue Reading →


A Heavenly Retreat…

She took the last step down the steep staircase that had led her from the top of the mountain to the waterfall that now lays just a few steps in front of her. From her vantage point, all she could see was what looked like the top of a hill. There was a small pond.... Continue Reading →

Cafe Coffee Day

I've always been a big fan of going out with my friends. Don't get me wrong. Technically, I barely go out twice a month. But my frequency of going out has never actually affected my love for it. But you know what, as hard as I've tired, I seem to have some sort of a... Continue Reading →

Judging a Book by the Cover…

One of the most cliched and very commonly used quotes would be 'Do not judge a book by its cover' according to me. But I realized earlier today that I do. As in, I judge a book by its cover. No, this sentence does not have any inner meaning or anything like that. I mean... Continue Reading →

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