I’m a Goody-Two-Shoes and I’m proud of it..!

Having recently graduated from college, I was a little apprehensive about going back to collect my transcripts. I mean, I have nothing against my college, but I felt as though I might be a little out of place.

But regardless, I finally went into college and met my teachers after two moths. It felt weird to be back there and not have to follow any of the rules. But it certainly was a different thrill all by itself.

And of course, there was a huge process and a bit of a wait and all that.

During my wait, I decided to go and wait in my Department Room.

I have to say, this was nothing new to me. I practically spent my last year of college in that room with my teachers. This was owing to my being in the Student Cabinet for that year.

So yea, I sat down in my Department Room next to one of my teachers listening to all the gossip as she talked work to one of my juniors.

Suddenly, my teacher looked at me and asked for my opinion.

This I tell you, surprised me. I could hardly believe that in less than three months, I was now considered mature enough to be able to give my opinion. If I even put that right.

So you can understand when I say that the rest of my visit in college was a blur.

But another thing that stuck with me was that minute when I was leaving.

I had collected all the documents I needed and I bid a final farewell to all my teachers.

I was extremely touched when they reacted with comments telling me that they’d miss me in the coming year and that they’re blessing would stay with me and so on and so forth.

As I walked out of college, I realized that in my final year, I had turned into what one would call a ‘goody-two-shoes’; doing all the work, being extremely comfortable with my teachers, asking for more work, finishing work on time and everything else you could think of.

A lot of people hate getting that tag on themselves. But that last minute with my teachers made me realize that I loved being that girl. I realized that fundamentally, I was that girl. I realized that I was proud of being that girl.

So that’s me. A goody-two-shoes and loving it!


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