What we have VS What we lost…

It’s strange how we always seem to miss things once they’re gone.

When we have it in our hands, we don’t care. We ill-treat it. We don’t give it a second thought.

But that minute when we lose it, that’s when we realise it’s true meaning in our life.

I wonder if it’s because we’re always losing something or the other. Maybe we’re too busy worriying about what we just lost instead of thinking about what we have. We seem to be eternally stuck to the past and often forget the present.

Is it maybe just a human tendency? Or could it simply be our carelessness? Maybe, it’s in our hands, or maybe it’s not.

But I guess all we can do is try and concentrate on the present, on what we have. It could be the only way to being happy and more importantly staying happy.

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