A New Start…

She took a deep breath and took her first step into the campus.

She was starting a new life altogether, going right back to the beginning.

No more would she be weighed down by her past. There would be no more of looking back.

From that day onward, she vowed, she would look at the positive side of what life had to offer. After all, the campus really was a sight to behold.

She looked down at the campus map in her hand again. She had to walk straight and take the next right. She continued to look at the map and she started walking forward.


“Oh my god, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” She finally looked up into deep blue eyes that were looking back at her.

“That’s alright”, a deep soft voice replied back to her. “Are you new here?”

“Yea, it’s my first day.” She replies back.

“Where do you need to go?” He asked.

“Umm…. I need to go to the Media Building. Block 3, I think.”

He laughed out loud. “Then you’re going the wrong way. Let me show you the way.”

He helped her with one of her bags and started leading the way. She followed behind, awestruck. She wondered if everyone was that nice in this new college. It certainly would be a good year if they were….

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