Never look back…

She looked up from her camera and finally looked at the scene in front of her through her eyes.

Over the last couple hours, the camera had become her eyes. She had viewed every picture perfect shot around her through it.

Picture Perfect
But now, a sudden urge had made her look up. For some reasons, she felt the sudden need to look up. She needed to take a look at everything around her without the camera making it more beautiful.

What she saw took her breath away. The view took her breath away. She had never seen anything more beautiful. She felt blessed.

But somewhere in the corner of her mind was only one thought. She couldn’t help flashing back to all those years back. That first time she had met him. That first time he had taught her to handle the camera. That first time when she had been happy and there had been no complications.

She shook her, trying to stop herself from going down that dark path again. She was happy now. She was herself after a long time. She just had to keep going and stop looking back…

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