Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen…A Review…

Irrespective of whether this review is too late after the release of the film or not, this is one film I had to write about.
In general, I am a huge fan of the movie. I am the definition of a movie buff and it is generally very rare that I don’t like a film. There’s always some thing about every movie I see that’ll make me feel as though the movie wasn’t too bad after all.
But, Udayanidhi Stalin’s latest flick, ‘Saravanan Irrukka Bayamaen’ failed in all regards. Let me mention right here that this is completely my opinion only.
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So, the film revolves around Saravanan and his life. An aimless person, Saravanan pursues a lethargic career in politics. Thenmozhi, a childhood friend comes back into his life and of course, Saravanan falls in love. What you would almost hope to be a nice comfortable romance turns the other way with the introduction of Fathima’s spirit. Fathima is another girl from Saravanan’s past.
The conflict with this film arises right here. There seems to be no reason for the presence of Fathima’s character other than simply an extra layer the director might have been trying to achieve. Thenmozhi’s constant dislike towards Saravanan until the last scene is another turn-off. Over all, the story that the film is based on seems to be extremely loose.
Acting in the film is relatively mediocre. While the cinematography is alright, it does not stand out.
The one thing that might save the movie is its comedy. And due credits have to be given to the few hilarious scenes that make you laugh out loud.
But, for me, not even the comedy could save the film. I personally WILL NOT recommend the movie to anyone. I’d barely give it a 1.5/5.

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