Just keep going…

She walked out onto the balcony. It was late in the night but she could she the twinkling lights of the city in the distance. She could imagine the busy roads and the noisy clubs. She was sure that most of the residents were out celebrating.

But she didn’t miss any of that. She was happier in the middle of the mountains. It was quiet and peaceful and she could hear herself think.

Usually, a get away like this would have her in high spirits. And yet, today, peace was out of reach.

Her mind was restless.

She didn’t know what could possibly be the reason. She didn’t know why she just couldn’t let go and let herself be happy.

And yet, she was hopeful.

She hung on to the hope that whatever happened, some day, she will be alright. That someday she will figure out the reason behind her restlessness. Until then, she would hang on.

Until then, she would keep going…

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