Keep Going…

As she stepped out of her house, she looked around the road. It was a quaint and beautiful winding road that stretched as far as the eyes could see. Small houses lined either side of the road. The road was full of cherry blossom trees and today, the sidewalks were littered with the fallen petals.

She looked up, taking in the sun that peeked out of the rain clouds. Drops of water still fell on her face. It was drizzling.

She patted the water off her face, pulled her hoodie over her head and started walking. She didn’t want to stay and look at the beauty that nature had chosen to pain that day. She was scared. She was afraid that all hell will break lose if she allowed herself to take the time. She was afraid that she will begin feeling again if she loitered.

From a little afar, she looked back at where she lived. Her home for the year. It was a small house. The lawn was better kept than in most of the other houses on the road.

She smiled to herself and turned and continued walking. She was going to be late if she didn’t hurry.

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