Capilano – The bridge to the wild side

Most of us have dreamed about doing extreme sports all our lives. The thrill of jumping off a cliff, or flying high up in the sky, these are all things that give us a rush. For that one minute, we don’t think about anything, we don’t remember who we are. All we know is that rush of adrenaline that pumps through us, making us feel more alive than ever.

I have always been the kind of a person in my life, who does things you’d call reckless, just to feel alive for those five seconds.

But of course, this might not work the same way for everyone. Whether it is because you’re scared, or just way too practical for life.

But irrespective of which of these categories you fall into, I have a suggestion for everyone.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge.


140 m long, the bridge is a simple suspension bridge almost 70 m above the river.

The minute you step onto the bridge, that is when the rush starts. As you move forward, with each step, the bridge moves with you, rocking like a little kid. And of course, with all the other tourists on the bridge, it could go right or left at any second and catch you unaware.

But hey, don’t freak out. While it may be a reckless adventure, it is a safe and monitored one.

The view from the bridge is like no other. As you rock your way to the other side, I assure you, you’ll step off and look back, not believing that you actually did it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-09 at 03.20.00


Of course, the bridge isn’t the only thing out there. Once you’re on the other side, there is a ton of other things to do, like the Nature Hike or the Tree Top Adventure and so on.

But I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re ever in Canada, go to Vancouver. If you’re ever in Vancouver, go to Capilano. It is an experience of a lifetime.

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