Bahubali 2, A Review!

Albeit a bit late, this is a review that just had to go up.

Bahubali being one of the most famous films in the last couple of years, its sequel Bahubali 2 has been a much anticipated film, with a huge fan base awaiting the release.

After the seat grabbing film that Bahubali turned out to be, there were quite a few of us, worried that the sequel might not live up to the mark. After all, it is easier to set an extremely high benchmark than to live up to one.

With Bahubali ending with a tale twister, thousands and thousands of people waited eagerly for the sequel to finally uncover the answer to “Why Kattappa killed Bahubali”.

Right here, I’m going to mention one reason why Bahubali 2 was the first Indian film to gross the 1000 crore mark worldwide. In a film that takes years to make, it is easy for a key ‘secret’ point in the plot to, well, be revealed to the audience, by mistake, or rather, for it to get leaked. Well, that did not happen for this movie.



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Irrespective of that, one of the best films made in India in terms of Visual effects and Computer graphics, both Bahubali and Bahubali 2 are a must see for everyone.

With an excellent plot, Bahubali 2 jumps right into the flashback that everyone was looking forward to, and goes from there. While the second half does seem to drag comparatively, the complete film is equally enthralling and manages to drag the audience into the story.

With amazing scenery, and a set up that makes the amount of planning that went into the film abundantly clear, the film manages to take the audience into a world of itself.

Acting wise, the film brings to light the sheer talent for most of its cast, be it, Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Ramya, Sathyaraj, or Nassar.

Note that I intentionally left out Tamannaah. While she might have had a bit of a role in the first part, she appears but in a few scenes in this one.

We must appreciate S.S.Rajamouli for even conceiving this film, but more so for his amazing work in xmaking it come alive.

And of course, cinematography by Senthil Kumar and editing by Venkateswara Rao are seamlessly outstanding, blending right into the film itself.

Music by Keeravani, while it might not stand out on its own, certainly accentuates the film very well.

A few blunts, of course, do come to mind, but with the amount of pre-production, production, and post-production that has clearly gone into the film, they are easy to overlook.

But there you go, one of the best regional films in India that I have had a chance to see in quite a while, I give the film a 4.75/5. Remember, it is a definite must watch.

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