Coffee across the globe…

The one thing that I’ve had a passion for, right from when I was a tiny little kid, is coffee! I know that it’s weird to say that I have a passion towards Coffee but that’s exactly how I feel.


Coffee for me, started out as a warm drink that I got to have, every time I went to my grandmother’s place.

Coffee then became not just something that felt warm but also something that made me feel warm and made my headache fly away.

And it didn’t stop there. Coffee to me went on to be something that I loved and wanted to go around the globe, tasting.




My journey with coffee began in Chennai. In most parts of Southern India, coffee is well, filter coffee! That strong aromatic flavor with just the right amount of milk, not too much, not too less, with the soothing scent of home just wafting towards you.



From there, moving on to Cappuccinos and Lattes and Frappes and Macchiatos and Frappuccinos, Espressos and all of it out there in various parts of the world.



It then grew on me and it was no more just about the taste, but also the experience I have when I drink a cup of coffee. So you could imagine how it would’ve psyched me when Starbucks finally opened up in India.

And today, here I am, on the other end of the globe, in Vancouver, going around exploring this beautiful city, enjoying the nature, falling in love with the freshness, gazing at the scenery, and well, tasting the coffee 😉


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