Marked, A House of Night Novel by P.C. and Kristin Cast, A Review!

Each of my favorite novels, I liked for a different reason. Sometimes, it was how well the story caught my attention, and sometimes it was the characters. Sometimes, it was the writing, and some other times it was everything.

One of the novel series that caught my attention and never let go was the ‘House of Night’ series.


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The story follows the life of Zoey Redbird, a normal 16-year-old who is out-of-the-blue marked a Vampire and her world turns upside down.

Well yea, I do see that this is a very basic and common story line for just about any and every fantasy story book.

But what’s different about this novel is its storyline.

While the story is based on the usual concept of ‘Vampires’, the ones in this book are very different. They don’t bite and recreate, they are marked. They have an affinity to an element of the earth, and they’re the ones leading in their chosen field. They can choose any field they like, and while the humans are not comfortable around them, most of them are fine with them.

So there, that’s your basic storyline. Filled with magic, romance, fiction, and everything you look for in a book, this is one of my favorite novels.

I’d give it 4/5. Check it out now!

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