Packing for a trip…

Every once in a while, we all come to a situation when we need to pack. It might be for a holiday, or when you’re going somewhere new to study or even for work. Packing is one thing that can make problems for us during the trip, whichever it might be.

Recently, I began packing for a trip overseas. I was going away for two months on an internship to a foreign country.

So initially, I thought about it and decided that I had most of the clothes I needed for the trip. (I, of course, bought the rest). Having done that, I also thought about it and realized that there was absolutely nothing I needed to buy. I had everything I needed……Or so I thought!

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Two days later, after I had put everything in the suitcase, I was sitting with my grandparents, gossipping. We were talking about something mundane related to the trip, and they began giving me tips for my trip (Them being the cool grandparents that have been traveling to US or UK once a year). About 5 minutes into that discussion, I realized that there were about a gazillion things I still needed to pack. This, of course, included stuff I had and some that I needed to buy.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s extremely easy to miss things when you’re packing for a trip. And the best or worst part is, most of these things that you forget, are extremely simple stuff. Like for example, a jacket, or an umbrella, or why, your toothbrush.

It’s not easy to remember everything. But if you actually sat down and thought about it, spent five mins thinking about everything you need, and jot down a list, that’s as easy as it gets.

So don’t assume that you’ve got everything. Think your trip through, every important day, and maybe one simple day, and pen it down, and that’s all you’ll need to do!

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