Dance, dance and dance.

All of us have that one thing in our lives that we love.

We might not have done it in a long time, but that love for it wouldn’t have diminished even a bit.

And one fine day, after a really long time, when you finally get to do it again, you’ll only fall in love with it all over again.

This is exactly how I feel about dance.

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Ever since I was like 5 years old, I have been the dancer in my family. I started traditional, learning Bharatanatyam from my Guru Smt. Thanjavoor Rajalakshmi. I did my Salangai Poojai at the age of 8, and two years later, on the exact same date, I did my Arangetram at the age of 10.

But it didn’t stop there. From third grade, I also learnt Ballet. I sat for three levels of professional exams for Ballet too, all thanks to Ms. Kokila.

These two people mean a lot to me. I don’t remember much from that age. But the two of them taught me to be who I am today. Dance defines my very being.

I’ll admit, I haven’t danced in almost 6 years. I stopped classes for various reasons and studies became the priority.

And yet, three months back, I performed Bharathanatyam in front of an audience for a family function.

And if I could do that after six years, it is all due to my teachers and the way they taught me.

For me, dance isn’t about learning it professionally and being amazing at it. It’s about forgetting myself and living the dance. And that’s what I do, till today, whatever style it may be.

Dance is my way of letting out steam. Dance is my way of showing happiness. Dance is my way of being myself.

In life, it is important to find that one thing that makes you who you are. I found mine. If you haven’t, don’t waste any more time.

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