Coffee across the globe…

The one thing that I've had a passion for, right from when I was a tiny little kid, is coffee! I know that it's weird to say that I have a passion towards Coffee but that's exactly how I feel.   Coffee for me, started out as a warm drink that I got to have, every... Continue Reading →


My second walk in Vancouver…

I know that it's weird to talk about my second walk rather than the first. But in my defence, I was way too mesmerised by this beautiful city (And of course Jet Lag :P). On my second day in Vancouver, I woke up at an early 5:30 am. By 6:20, I had nothing left to do, and... Continue Reading →

Packing for a trip…

Every once in a while, we all come to a situation when we need to pack. It might be for a holiday, or when you're going somewhere new to study or even for work. Packing is one thing that can make problems for us during the trip, whichever it might be. Recently, I began packing... Continue Reading →

Kaatru Velliyidai…A review!

The latest talk of the town has been the next film in the list of Mani Ratnam-A.R.Rahman films. Kaatru Velliyidai starring Karthi and Aditi Rao, I believe, is a movie everyone has to see!     Having said that, let me mention what went wrong with the film. First things first, it was great to... Continue Reading →

Dance, dance and dance.

All of us have that one thing in our lives that we love. We might not have done it in a long time, but that love for it wouldn't have diminished even a bit. And one fine day, after a really long time, when you finally get to do it again, you'll only fall in... Continue Reading →

College Days…

Throughout high school, all of us dream of the day when we're all done with school and step into college. We look forward to being by ourselves, finding new friends, and having fun. We always have a million perceptions of how college is going to be. We have a million other ideas of how we... Continue Reading →

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