A step towards Art…

Every one of us has our own interests, our own hobbies, and our own way of dealing with things.

Every one of us has our own coping mechanism.

I am one that has several of these. Whether I’m happy or sad or more often, bored, I’ve always been the kind of person that tries to deal with every situation in a unique way.

One such thing that I’ve always had a fascination for, is painting.

There is something pure magical about dipping that brush in the water, taking a touch of the paint and stroking through the canvas to make our mark of color. Every line, every curve, and every step of the way, there’s that feeling of immense peace that settles in, irrespective of how good we are at it! You feel the worries and unsettling thoughts from your mind flow out with every stroke of the brush.

More often than not, I paint when I’m bored. And those few minutes or hours or however long it is, I enter into a new world of my own imagination. No longer do I feel bored, no longer do I even exist. All that lives and breathes is the strokes of my brush on the canvas.

If you’ve never laid hands on a paint brush, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. Paint whatever you can think of, enjoy every stroke as you make it, and lose yourself in the world of art. There’s nothing that beats it.

And hey, if it turns out that you’re not that great at it, remember, no one ever needs to know.

Art is something that is different for each person. Art is something that exists in anything and everything around us. Irrespective of how you perceive it, never let it disappear from your soul. That is the only thing that sets us apart from machines. Intelligence can be artificially programmed, but not imagination.

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