Temples in India…

17273697_1395642877165679_52860297_o.jpgIf you’ve been to a couple of temples in India, you’d already how vivid each one is.

In my 20 years in India, I’ve been to more than my fair share. And I can’t ever say that I saw two temples that were exactly the same.

As many deities as we have in the Hindu pantheon, the kinds of temples, the architecture, the style and everything else about each of these temples is so much more diverse.

And this is something I absolutely adore.

Temples in India, are places where you can go, find your inner peace and just revel in the beauty of life. I strongly feel that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or not. It’s a step more and appreciating art and architecture.

17273828_1395642697165697_2026270299_o.jpg    17269228_1395642730499027_743671482_o.jpg    

There’s no other kind of place in the world that is so serene and filled with tranquility, allowing every visitor to immerse and find their true peace.


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