A step towards Art…

Every one of us has our own interests, our own hobbies, and our own way of dealing with things. Every one of us has our own coping mechanism. I am one that has several of these. Whether I’m happy or sad or more often, bored, I've always been the kind of person that tries to... Continue Reading →


The Immortals of Meluha… A Review!

The stories behind the gods in the Hindu Pantheon have always been enthralling. Even when compared to most fiction, they still have the edge. They always include everything there is to a story - fantasy, action, a stellar story, exceptional characters, that hint of romance, and so much more, enticing the readers and keeping them... Continue Reading →

The Eternal River that’s dry…

The Kaveri river is one of the most magnificent rivers in India. Covering four states, it is known for its magnificence. We have all often heard the Kaveri being referred to as an eternal river. Recently, I went on an another devotional trip to the village of Kodumudi. This place is known for its famous Magudeashwarar... Continue Reading →

Kutram 23, A Review

So I know that I've been writing book reviews for a while now. So here's a different one. Recently I went to the theaters to see this new film with my family, 'Kutram 23'. Directed by Arivazhagan, the film stars Arun Vijay in the lead role alongside Mahima Nambiar. The film follows the story of... Continue Reading →

Temples in India…

If you've been to a couple of temples in India, you'd already how vivid each one is. In my 20 years in India, I've been to more than my fair share. And I can't ever say that I saw two temples that were exactly the same. As many deities as we have in the Hindu... Continue Reading →


Every one of us dreams of going out on a vacation. The place, what we do, how we travel and all those factors might be different for each of us. But ultimately, all of us love our holidays. In school, we dreamed about our summer vacation. those two months were practically what we studied hard... Continue Reading →

Wings by Aprilynne Pike, A Review!

Right, so I’m almost starting to feel like I read and write only about ‘fantasy’. So before I try my luck at a different genre, there’s one more series that I just cannot miss. Wings is a 4-book series by Aprilynne Pike. This novel follows the story of Laurel, who discovers that she is a... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been on ECR, middle of the day or some highway in Singapore or a highway in the US or the UK? The road is almost empty and there's nothing to do but speed. Well, don't. I know that this is a clichéd topic. And I know that all of us know in... Continue Reading →

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