The ‘Angel’ Trilogy by L.A.Weatherly, A Review!

When you read a new novel, that too a fantasy novel, most of the time, what you’re looking for, is a break from reality.

You want to step into an all-new world, lose yourself and well, just have fun.

This is exactly what the ‘Angel’ trilogy did to me.

Written by L.A.Weatherly, the story is a typical fantasy thriller with romance also playing a huge role.

The story follows the life of Alex, an angel killer, and Willow a 16-year-old angel, who, well doesn’t know that she’s an angel.

Right, so that right there makes it sound like a typical overused story, right? But here’s the catch, L.A.Weatherly has done an amazing job of taking the story in such a way, that it does not feel cliched.

One thing about the books that I hated were the character sketches on the book covers. I will never agree that the book’s illustrations did the characters any justice.

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So, right, the story is predominantly about Willow, who after the first few chapters, finds out that she’s an angel. Albeit, not a complete one. The first book in the trilogy goes on as Willow, and Alex (who initially meets her after he gets an assignment to kill her) try and find out what exactly Willow is and do everything they can to stop the angels.

Oh, right, the important thing. This book is one of the few stories that show ‘angels’ in a bad light. But of course, our protagonist Willow is the epitome of goodness.

The second book is about Willow finding the only other half angel who exists, Seb and them meeting and Seb falling in love with Willow and Willow struck and enchanted by the fact that there is finally someone else like her. There is the expected Love triangle between Willow, Seb, and Alex, but this again, the author has put forth beautifully.

The final book in the series. For me, I had to wait almost a year after I read the second book before the third one came out. And this was an antagonizing wait for me. I wanted to know HOW IT ENDS. And that is how well L.A.Weatherly ended the second book. Well, this one is about Alex, Willow and Seb and their fight to eradicate the angels and save humanity and how finally, Willow is the one to do it perfect. Kudos to the author for not making her wait for the guy to get it done as was the trend then. And finally, Willow and Alex finding the perfect pair in each other. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT KILLING THAT).

Right, so I obviously got completely involved in the books.

Overall, the series is still one of my all-time favorites, and I’d happily give it a 4/5.

So if you’re a fan of fantasy, don’t miss it!

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