Your dreams are mine now by Ravinder Singh – A review

Story books have existed for a long time. Stories have come in 100’s of forms. They’ve been emotional, inspiring, thrilling, interesting and romantic and so on and so forth. Some stories we forget as soon as we finish reading the book and others we tend to remember even after months or maybe even years because they have somehow affected us in one way or another.

‘Your Dreams are Mine Now’ by Ravinder Singh is one such book for me. Today, two

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months after reading the book, I can still remember the story and what kind of an impact it had on me.


NOTE: If you’re the kind of reader that absolutely hates a sad ending, you should probably not read this book, but personally I suggest that you do.

Hearing about female inequality and Rape have unfortunately become common in India. But reading one of those stories from the victim’s point of view makes you realize just how vile the incident was. It makes you realize that this is the truth of the world we live in today and it makes you think about the consequences of every action you do.

All in all, the book really is a good read. It takes you through the story in a very light and interesting way. You get to enjoy Delhi University along with Rupali and also look at it from a seniors perspective with Arjun and realize that love really doesn’t have boundaries or eyes or differences or whatever else they say when Rupali and Arjun finally find each other.

While it may be a sad ending to the story, it is a very realistic one.  I’d happily give it a 3.6 out of 5.

So if you’re up for an eye-opening experience, I’d say ‘Do Read!’


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