The Inheritance Cycle, A review!

One problem with the generations these days is the decline of the reading habit. Reading a book, be it a storybook or not, fiction or non-fiction, romance or comedy or thriller or any one of the many many genres that exist. Reading is one habit that gives a person some reprieve from a rather usual boring life into a realm where anything can happen. Fiction and fantasy offer this ultimate gift to kids and often to several adults that continue to prefer the genre.

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The ‘Inheritance Cycle’ does exactly this. Readers, regardless of age, are transported into a world of dragons, dragon riders, spirits and of course magic.

Christopher Paolini does an excellent job throughout the four books and manages to keep her readers addicted until they know exactly what happens in the story and how it ends.

Though I’m obliged to say, if you’re the kind of person that likes a perfect happy ending to a story, you might end up a teeny bit disappointed. In a simple twist of unexpected events, the ending is exactly one point short of a perfectly happy one that leaves a small part open for the future.

In brief, the cycle follows the story of a young farmer boy that is both coincidentally and also fatedly cast from his simple life into a magical one. He become’s the last free dragon rider out of the tyrant king’s control, joins the outlaws, stays with the dwarves, trains with the elves and finally defeats the king and becomes the first of the new elders. Fear not, Christopher Paolini has managed to pen the story down in just the right way and there could be no place where you get bored.

All in all, the story is a magical, romantic one that gives every one of its readers a world to escape into, imagine and be a part of while at the same time teaching its readers a lesson of trust, hard work, and simple lives.

Personally, the 4 books are a part of my favorite collection and I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone who enjoys the genre.

I’d give it 4.5/5.


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