I used to have this Punjabi guy in my class. He was registered as an “SC” or scheduled caste. Translation, several reservations, and concessions were available to him. But guess what, he was richer than several of the normal forward class people in my class and yet he got several opportunities that other people deserved more.

I have an elder brother and he had this bc classmate. They both sat for the numbers game entrance exam at the same time in the same room and applied for the same course. By luck or by virtue of hard work, my brother got a better rank than the other boy in this exam. But guess what, the other boy got a place in that course as he asked for while my brother was left with an acceptance in a course he hated.

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You see a pattern here; this pattern is what I am against.

Again, I mean no disrespect, the reservation’s are there for a reason and I understand that. I can imagine the position in which several children and adult’s study across the country. I know that they do not get the liberty or freedom or privileges that I get. And I would be the first person to stand against the government to ask for these same reservations for them. But guess what, I’d ask for reservations for them, not for the normal forward class people who are a majority.


Today, there number of seats saved up for the backward classes than there are for the forward classes. And in what way I ask, does this help. You answer me that this helps the minority and that will, in turn, help all of us. To that I say, please go look around, 85% of these backward classes do not even know that these reservations exist. Instead, it is the economically settled people that belong to these “classes” that reap the benefits when they get the same privileges or even more as compared to the “forward class” people.

So I ask, isn’t this supposed to help the underprivileged??

I know what you’re thinking, “what can the government do”. But all I’m asking is for equality. Let the backward classes have their reservations, they deserve it. But it mustn’t be to the point that it endangers the lifestyle of the others.

Today the sheer number of reserved seats is the reason that several well-deserved candidates do not get the position they deserve while people that are by far of lesser standards get better positions.

This is the problem with today’s India, and even if I am the kind of person that feels that the underprivileged deserve special benefits, I almost wish they didn’t get them.

A girl from the “forward class”…..



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