‘Neeye, a tamil musical dance video’ – a review

In recent times, music video’s have become a habit that everyone has taken up.

Music videos have become a way for budding and established directors to showcase their talent without having to go out of their way.

But of course, in no way could one say that making a music video is a simple task.

A couple months back, I got into the process of making a Music Video myself, and today, I still haven’t finished it. It is no easy task that you can finish in a day or even a week.

A 5-minute music video takes at least 5 days of planning if not more.

Since it is a shorter video, the audience is more attentive which drastically lessens your scope for making mistakes.

Pc: Google

And since your time frame has reduced, you need to tell your story in a shorter time.

But if you stick it out…pay attention to ever detail, and work you a** off, then what you’re left with is one music video that is permanently on everyone’s playlist!

Well, for the last two days, I’ve had one such song stuck in my playlist and my heart that I just can’t seem to stop humming.

‘Neeye’ is a Tamil Musical Dance Video written and directed by Gomtesh Upadhye with music by Phani Kalyan.

The video starts off with two dancers on stage practicing. After a session with their choreographer, the two begin dancing properly.

And let me say, mind blowing!

The choreography for the dance is simply stunning and the lead pair manages to dance to perfection. You just can’t take a break when watching this one video. With every little step, the dancers showcase perfection just making the audience wish that their own lives were like this.

But of course, we wouldn’t be as affected by the video if it weren’t for the mind-blowing cinematography in the dance.

Every little shot, every frame, it makes you go to a whole new world.

(That one shot of them dancing on the terrace with the sun in the middle on top, OMG I fell in love!)

It is clear that every little detail has been thought about and analyzed perfectly. (Why, the director has even taken the effort to match the lyrics to his video)

All in all, this is one video that you just shouldn’t miss watching!

It’s my personal favorite!

Check it out now!

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