Exorbitant amounts of work and not regretting it!

When you take up a responsibility, it automatically means a lot of work, that you have, now, voluntarily taken on yourself. This makes the work something that you can't exactly b**** about. Right, so this year, in college, I voluntarily took up the responsibility of being my department’s student representative in the college cabinet. All... Continue Reading →


My Take on Content Writing!

Remember how, until maybe 3 or 4 years back, the only kind of writing there was, was article writing or paragraph writing. Today, this has almost multiplied and we instead have, article writing, content writing, blog writing, social media writing and so on and so forth. Too many to keep track of and literally different... Continue Reading →

2015 – The Year of Biopics!

Despite the fact that history is one of the most hated subjects in school, it is very easy for us to get lost into one of those heroic epic tales of the great warriors in our country. It almost seems like “biopics” are a recent trend in Indian Cinema these days. I still remember back... Continue Reading →

The Inheritance Cycle, A review!

One problem with the generations these days is the decline of the reading habit. Reading a book, be it a storybook or not, fiction or non-fiction, romance or comedy or thriller or any one of the many many genres that exist. Reading is one habit that gives a person some reprieve from a rather usual boring... Continue Reading →


I used to have this Punjabi guy in my class. He was registered as an "SC" or scheduled caste. Translation, several reservations, and concessions were available to him. But guess what, he was richer than several of the normal forward class people in my class and yet he got several opportunities that other people deserved... Continue Reading →

A View into Italy

A couple of days back, we were posed with a question back in college; we had to choose a topic and had to create a blog on it. The topic had to be something that could be extensively discussed on and had to capture interest. As you can imagine, it was indeed difficult.   While... Continue Reading →

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