A Tribute to my Middleschool Home

Five years have flown past. So will today and so will the next five years.Time has a way of its own. It flows at its own pace not caring about anyone because if it did, time would flow slowly for us and we would have these 3 months as memories and not fleeting feathers.

I remember that day, five years back, 37of us walked into the class awkwardly. Some of us knew each other and some of us had no idea who we were. But we knew one thing, this was us…this was where we would belong for next who knows how many years. It took us a few days to settle in but soon we were the best of friends. We were sitting in the last row sharing our snacks during math or bunking social and memorizing our school grounds. We were late after games for class or chasing away people asking for volunteers for competition.  We were fighting or dancing romantically. But nevertheless we were one whole class and that we’ll always be whether we are 20 or 40 or 80, it wouldn’t matter. A year had passed. It hardly felt like 1 whole year had passed.  But yet there we were in a new classroom the 37 of us. It had seemed like a week and yet it was a year… we grew in two fold. We were mischievous but we knew when to do what. We grew famous and we grew close. We grew into one and we stayed like that. One more year passed like a blur. It felt like it wouldn’t but right then we didn’t care. We had another 3 years to have fun, why worry now. And then we were 13. We were in eighth. We had the time of our lives. The anniversary, bring it on, all of us went. The GSP project, come on let’s have fun. All 37 of us participated and all 37 of us made them memorable. The year passed fast while we were either participating in events or writing exams or enjoying ourselves.  And then all of a sudden we were in ninth grade. We wanted to have fun but everyone else seemed to have different plans for us. They were either on our backs to study or loading us with projects. And yet we found our chance to have fun. We went out together and we played together and we enjoyed ourselves together. We found time for each other and we found time for ourselves. And then the fateful year arrived. 4 years were gone and we had only 1 left together. The first six months ran faster than a marathon. All of a sudden we had an only 6 months left together but we couldn’t spend a second on us. we had board’s to prepare for. We had our life at stake and there we were wishing we had more time. Only 3 months are left. All of us are going to be working harder than ever on exams. But if there’s one thing I can promise, it’s that we’ll always be a part of that class…….

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